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Well done to all the children in Reception for a fantastic Christmas performance this week.  You were all little superstars!smiley 


Thank you to all the parents for coming to show your support. We hope you enjoyed the show. 






Exploring Winter

Exploring Winter 1 We helped decorate the school Christmas Tree.
Exploring Winter 2 Showing our artistic side!
Exploring Winter 3 We carefully placed decorations onto the tree
Exploring Winter 4 We were amazed to see that the water had frozen!
Exploring Winter 5 We had lots of fun exploring winter in the garden
Exploring Winter 6 We turned our mud kitchen into a snow kitchen
Exploring Winter 7 We loved exploring with the ice
Exploring Winter 8 Do you like our Snowmen?
Exploring Winter 9 We watched what happened when the ice was dropped

Keeping busy in Reception

Keeping busy in Reception  1 Creating owl collages
Keeping busy in Reception  2 Digging for pumpkins in the digging pit
Keeping busy in Reception  3 Using our senses to explore the world around us!
Keeping busy in Reception  4 We made a giant go to the moon!
Keeping busy in Reception  5 Making potions in the mud kitchen
Keeping busy in Reception  6 Working on our cutting skills
Keeping busy in Reception  7 We enjoy exploring in the water area
Keeping busy in Reception  8 We went on a mini-beast hunt outdoors

Autumn Fun

Autumn Fun 1
Autumn Fun 2 Enjoying our Autumn walk around the Forrest Area
Autumn Fun 3 We loved exploring leaf rubbing
Autumn Fun 4 Some of us found some insects!
Autumn Fun 5 We built dens when learning about hibernation
Autumn Fun 6 We enjoyed adding items to our Autumn table
Autumn Fun 7 We experimented with colour mixing in puddles
Autumn Fun 8 Show and tell with our Autumn homeworks
Autumn Fun 9 We even started to count outside

Next week we will be exploring the season of Autumn. Have a look on your way to school each day to see if you can spot any signs of Autumn. 



A fun week in Reception!

A fun week in Reception! 1 We love to build
A fun week in Reception! 2 Exploring with torches
A fun week in Reception! 3 Print painting
A fun week in Reception! 4 Finding out about shadows
A fun week in Reception! 5 We have found out about our skeletons
A fun week in Reception! 6 Mud pie anyone?
A fun week in Reception! 7 We love learning about dinosaurs
A fun week in Reception! 8 Have we just found a treasure box?
A fun week in Reception! 9 Cutting and sticking for our shape collage picture

Our First Week

Our First Week 1 Keeping busy in class
Our First Week 2 Keeping busy in class
Our First Week 3 Keeping busy in class
Our First Week 4 Keeping busy in class
Our First Week 5 Enjoying outside activities
Our First Week 6 Enjoying outside activities
Our First Week 7 Enjoying outside activities

Well done on a great start to your school year Reception! 


RS and RM have had a great week and settled in nicely. We look forward to spending the next few weeks getting to know each other. Check out the photos showing the children keeping busy this week!

Welcome to Reception

We hope you have had a lovely time over the summer and I am sure you are now ready to start the new school year, welcome to Reception!

We are looking forward to working together so that we have a very exciting and productive year. We would like to say a very big welcome to the new children and their families that are joining us at Hunts Cross Primary School this year. I hope that you enjoy the new challenges and approaches to learning that Reception has to offer.


Reception Term Times

Children will start school on….

Monday 11th September (mornings only) 8.55- 11.50am (no dinner)

Monday 18th September (mornings only) 8.55- 11.50am (no dinner)

Monday 25th September (full time) 8.55- 3.15am (dinner provided)


Parents are reminded that appointments with the class teacher will start from Monday 11th- Tuesday 12th September (afternoon).


We look forward to seeing you in your uniform. Don’t forget to label all your items as we do not want you to lose anything!

Children are encouraged to bring a named water bottle every day and wellies to keep in school for outdoor learning.


We will be getting to know each other in the first few weeks.

During the first half term we will be finding out about ourselves and what interests we have.  We will also be starting to explore the changing season of Autumn.


The website will be updated regularly so keep checking it to see how the children are doing.  We will add some photos at the end of their first week in Reception.  


We look forward to your support this year.

Mrs Spreadbury & Miss Mc Daid




Our Topic Overview


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Seasons-Autumn & Winter.



Celebrations & Traditions.

Celebrations & Traditions.

Celebrations & Traditions.

All About Me

New Life

Growing and Keeping Healthy.












These are a broad outline of some of the topics we will cover this year in Reception. We will add topics and themes to our weekly plans based on the children’s interests and needs.

Reception Curriculum Overview

The children will work towards these learning outcomes through a mix of adult led and child initiated activities.

Term 1

Topics will include: All about me, Autumn and Winter, Celebrations and Traditions. Further topics will arise according to the children’s interests.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Learning the class/ school rules and routines.

Learning expected behaviour in school.

Making new friends and communicating with both adults and children.

Playing co-operatively, turn-taking and sharing nicely.

Feelings- what makes us and other people feel happy, sad, excited, nervous etc.

Asking for help and beginning to talk about own wants, needs, interests and opinions.



Communication and Language

Maintains attention, concentrates and sits quietly during appropriate times.

Listens to and responds to instructions.

Listens and responds to ideas expressed by others in conversation or discussion.

Extends vocabulary and explores the meaning of new words.

Uses language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences in play situations.

Uses talk to organise, sequence and clarify thinking, ideas, feelings and events.

Introduces a storyline or narrative into their play.



Physical Development

PE- using equipment to throw, catch, kick, pat and push.

Dance- exploring different ways of dancing

Use bikes, scooters, balls, hoops, ropes and balancing equipment in the outdoor area.

Use simple tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with increasing control.

Uses a pencil and holds it effectively to begin to form recognisable shapes/ letters.

Begin to undress/ dress for PE and zip up their coat independently.




Shows and understanding of rhyme.

Phonics- beginning to recognise letter sounds, beginning to show understanding for blending to read words and segmenting to spell words (Letters and Sounds).

Begins to read words and/ or captions.

Enjoys an increasing range of books.

Writes own name and other things such as labels and captions.



Number recognition, counting and ordering objects (up to 10, 20).

Estimation of objects and accurate counting.

Practical addition and subtraction.

Use of correct language involved in adding and subtracting.

Say 1 more/ 1 less than a given number.

Recognition of 2D shapes and use mathematical terms to describe shapes and their properties.

Understanding and use of positional language- under, behind, next to, in front etc.

Explore and gain understanding of pattern, weight, height, time and money through practical activities.

Support with Numicon.

Understanding the World

Learn about the 5 senses and what we use them for.

Learn about traditions and celebrations across different faiths.

Learn different facts about animals.

Complete activities on the smartboard and iPad.

Explore and use the beebot for various challenges.

Expressive Arts and Design

Introduction of a story or narrative to role play.

Choosing particular colours for a purpose in a range of painting and workshop activities.

Can construct with a purpose in mind, selecting tools and techniques needed to shape, assemble and join materials for in activities on the carpet, outdoor area and workshop.


Religious Education

New beginnings


Famous People- who work hard- good morals- Athletes (Ennis, Farah, Simmonds, Wiggins).

Our Planet- Harvest.

Religious celebrations- Diwali, Christmas.