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Welcome to Reception smiley

Welcome to our page! We have been having very busy in Reception and we can not believe it is December already, time flies when you have this much fun!

We had a ball at the school disco and we loved dancing out to the tunes!

We have looked at Owl Babies over the last two weeks and we have been learning a lot of interesting facts about nocturnal animals. Reading is starting to take flight and it's fab to see so much home involvement with reading, so thank you!

We will soon be getting into the Christmas spirit and we have a lot of fabulous activities planned for our learning journey to sparkle this Christmas season. We know we all want on that good list!

Save the Dates!

*Thursday 13th December @ 9.30am - Reception Christmas Performance

*Wednesday 19th December - Christmas Party Afternoon

Thursday 20th December- Breakfast with Santa. School finishes at 1.30pm.


If you haven't done so, please remember to send in wellies to keep in school for your child- we love to learn outside in Reception!


Thank you for your support


Miss McDaid, Miss Black & Team



Our Topic Overview


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3


Seasons-Winter & Spring


Celebrations & Traditions.

Celebrations & Traditions.

Celebrations & Traditions.

All About Me

New Life

Growing and Keeping Healthy.


Topics will arise according to the children's interests. We believe in following the children's interests to springboard our topics for the week. So look out for lots of interesting learning going on! 


Reception Curriculum Overview

The children will work towards these learning outcomes through a mix of adult led and child initiated activities.

Term 1

Topics will include: All about me, Autumn, Celebrations and Traditions. Further topics will arise according to the children’s interests.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Learning the class/ school rules and routines.

Learning expected behaviour in school.

Making new friends and communicating with both adults and children.

Playing co-operatively, turn-taking and sharing nicely.

Feelings- what makes us and other people feel happy, sad, excited, nervous etc.

Asking for help and beginning to talk about own wants, needs, interests and opinions.



Communication and Language

Maintaining attention, concentrating and sitting quietly during appropriate times.

Listening to and responding to instructions.

Listening and responding to ideas expressed by others in conversation or discussion.

Extending vocabulary and exploring the meaning of new words.

Using language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences in play situations.

Using talk to organise, sequence and clarify thinking, ideas, feelings and events.

Introducing a storyline or narrative into their play.



Physical Development

PE- using equipment to throw, catch, kick, pat and push.

Dance- exploring different ways of dancing

Use bikes, scooters, balls, hoops, ropes and balancing equipment in the outdoor area.

Use simple tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with increasing control.

Uses a pencil and holds it effectively to begin to form recognisable shapes/ letters.

Begin to undress/ dress for PE and zip up their coat independently.




Showing an understanding of rhyme.

Phonics- beginning to recognise letter sounds, beginning to show understanding for blending to read words and segmenting to spell words (Letters and Sounds).

Beginning to read sounds and/ or words.

Enjoying an increasing range of books.

Attempting to write own name and other things such as labels and captions.



Number recognition, counting and ordering objects (up to 10, 20)

Estimation of objects and accurate counting.

Practical addition and subtraction.

Recognition of 2D shapes and using mathematical terms to describe shapes and their properties.

Understanding and use of positional language- under, behind, next to, in front etc.

Exploring and gaining understanding of pattern, weight, height, time and money through practical activities.

Exploring and working with numicon to support learning. 

Understanding the World

Learn about the 5 senses and what we use them for.

Learn about traditions and celebrations across different faiths.

Learn different facts about Autumn.

Complete activities on the smartboard and iPad.

Explore and use the beebots for various challenges.

Expressive Arts and Design

Introduction of a story or narrative to role play.

Choosing particular colours for a purpose in a range of painting and workshop activities.

Constructing with a purpose in mind, selecting tools and techniques needed to shape, assemble and join materials for activities.


Religious Education

New beginnings


Famous People- who work hard- good morals- Athletes (Ennis, Farah, Simmonds, Wiggins).

Our Planet- Harvest.

Religious celebrations- Diwali, Christmas.

It's a Wriggly Nativity!

It's a Wriggly Nativity! 1
It's a Wriggly Nativity! 2 The fabulous Joseph and Mary
It's a Wriggly Nativity! 3 Give it up for the Shepherds and sheep
It's a Wriggly Nativity! 4 The delightful dancing animals!
It's a Wriggly Nativity! 5 Our beautiful Angels
It's a Wriggly Nativity! 6 The fantastic innkeepers!
It's a Wriggly Nativity! 7 Our superstar narrators and singers!
It's a Wriggly Nativity! 8 The wisest men in all the land
It's a Wriggly Nativity! 9 Our superstar narrators and singers!

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming! 1 Writing our Christmas Letters to Santa
Christmas is coming! 2 Counting into our stockings!
Christmas is coming! 3 Finding letters in the snow!
Christmas is coming! 4 Santa's workshop has been busy!
Christmas is coming! 5 Santa lists :)
Christmas is coming! 6 Lots of Christmas wishes being made
Christmas is coming! 7 Balancing the Christmas ornaments
Christmas is coming! 8 What shall I ask for this year?

Children in Need.

Thank you to all those who helped raise awareness and money for children in need. As a school we raised a massive £530 to donate and we are so proud of the children's attitude and understanding about the importance of helping those in need. 

We also had a lot of fun helping Pudsey count his spots he left behind in Reception, reinforcing that number is everywhere! We home you enjoy your home learning this week of spotting numbers wherever you go!



Stay and Play


What a fabulous turn-out for our first stay and play. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  It was great to see everyone get stuck in with the love of learning we have in Reception- apologies to all parents who have since turned into frogs after trying some of the children's potions! sad

We hope you got some good ideas for supporting phonics and early reading at home and we are excited to start sending out the playbags for you to enjoy at home. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss McDaid, Miss Black & Team.


Children in Need

Children in Need 1
Children in Need 2
Children in Need 3
Children in Need 4

**Useful links!!**


Some parents have asked for advice on educational games/ websites that they can use at home with their child.

These are a few suggestions that we use in school and they are popular with the children. Why not have a go and have some fun! smiley


To help with reading and phonics why not check out the games on these links:


Your child might also like to play the great number games you can find by following these links:

Welcome back Reception!

Still image for this video
What a great start to this half term!


Thank you to all the parents who made it into school this week for Parents Evening. It was great to see you and we have enjoyed the opportunity to discuss your child's journey into Reception.

We have had fantastic responses from our parent questionnaires and we will send a follow up letter after half-term with the results. 

Everyone has been very positive about their experiences so far and we are more than happy to be working alongside you all this year to develop your child's love for learning. 


Parentshare- We are also delighted that so many of you have signed up for the Parentshare tool and we are glad to hear that you have enjoyed seeing observations of your child at school. We also welcome your observations from home too! If you haven't signed up yet and you would like more information, pop along and speak to your child's teacher. 


As always, our door is always open.

Thank you for your continued support.


Happy half-term,

Miss McDaid & Miss Black 


Learning kept fun

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We learn best when we learn through play!

The fun continues in Reception

Dragon Party!

Dragon Party! 1 Fruit picking for the party
Dragon Party! 2 Fruit picking for the party
Dragon Party! 3 Making dragon cakes!
Dragon Party! 4 Making dragon cakes!
Dragon Party! 5 Dragon party
Dragon Party! 6 Dragon party
Dragon Party! 7 Dragon party
Dragon Party! 8 Dragon party
Dragon Party! 9 Dragon party


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It can't rain on our parade in Reception!

Autumn Fun

Autumn Fun 1 We can see you!
Autumn Fun 2 "Let's plant lots of seeds and flowers will grow"
Autumn Fun 3 Team work at its best
Autumn Fun 4 "Let's build a campfire!"
Autumn Fun 5 Looking for leaves on our Autumn walk

What a busy week...lots of fun had by all!

What a busy week...lots of fun had by all! 1
What a busy week...lots of fun had by all! 2
What a busy week...lots of fun had by all! 3
What a busy week...lots of fun had by all! 4
What a busy week...lots of fun had by all! 5
What a busy week...lots of fun had by all! 6
What a busy week...lots of fun had by all! 7
What a busy week...lots of fun had by all! 8
What a busy week...lots of fun had by all! 9

Our first week in Reception

Our first week in Reception 1
Our first week in Reception 2
Our first week in Reception 3
Our first week in Reception 4
Our first week in Reception 5
Our first week in Reception 6
Our first week in Reception 7
Our first week in Reception 8
Our first week in Reception 9
Our first week in Reception 10
Our first week in Reception 11
Our first week in Reception 12
Our first week in Reception 13
Our first week in Reception 14
Our first week in Reception 15
Our first week in Reception 16
Our first week in Reception 17
Our first week in Reception 18
Our first week in Reception 19

Reception class September 2018

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We can't wait to fill this beautiful space with our beautiful Reception classes!

Team Reception