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Year 2

Welcome back!

We hope that you have had a lovely Christmas holiday and are ready for a busy term ahead!   Well done for your wonderful Christmas Performance last term.  We were so proud of all of you! This term, we will be finding out about 'our local area' and will be looking closely at a range of maps. We will also be thinking about how we could improve our local area.


It is essential that you read each day at home.  Ask your Parents to ask as many questions about the book to you as possible.  (Try and answer in full sentences if you can)   Books are changed on a  Friday and homework is given out every Friday. Homework is to be be returned by the following Wednesday.


Remember to be punctual each day and to try and aim for 100% attendance.  Remember that you will receive an extra ten raffle tickets if you are in school for the full week!


Raffle tickets will also be awarded for following our School Values.

Our School Values indecision

Remember to consistently demonstrate our school values of:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Self-belief
  • Determination
  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  • Equality
  • Excellence



PE kits should be kept in school until half term.

 2M - PE is on a Tuesday

 2B PE is on a Wednesday


Please have a look at the Maths and Phonics game links below!


Mr Burns and Mrs Mannion

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day 1
National Poetry Day 2
National Poetry Day 3
National Poetry Day 4
The children enjoyed National Poetry Day this week.  The children worked very hard and performed their poem entitled 'I opened a book' to Year 1.  
After half term, we will find out all about Christopher Columbus.  Can you make any models, posters or carry out your own research about this topic?  Raffle tickets will be awarded for creative work.  Try and be as imaginative as possible !
We have been looking closely at instructions this term.  We have used time conjunctions, verbs and adverbs in our instructions.  We even made tasty coco-pop cakes following a set of instructions.  Yum Yum

Coco-Pop Cakes

Coco-Pop Cakes 1
Coco-Pop Cakes 2
Coco-Pop Cakes 3
Coco-Pop Cakes 4
Coco-Pop Cakes 5
Coco-Pop Cakes 6
Coco-Pop Cakes 7
Coco-Pop Cakes 8
Coco-Pop Cakes 9
Coco-Pop Cakes 10
Coco-Pop Cakes 11
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Year 2 Long Term Plans

Year 2 Trip to St Hilda's Church

Year 2 Trip to St Hilda's Church 1
Year 2 Trip to St Hilda's Church 2
Year 2 Trip to St Hilda's Church 3
Year 2 Trip to St Hilda's Church 4
Year 2 Trip to St Hilda's Church 5
Year 2 Trip to St Hilda's Church 6
Year 2 Trip to St Hilda's Church 7
Year 2 Trip to St Hilda's Church 8