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English Statement of Intent September 2019

At Hunts Cross all our pupils experience being taught English skills through a high-quality text approach. Our language rich curriculum enables pupils to be able to communicate effectively through speaking and listening, reading and writing. Every child is recognised as an individual who can reach their literary potential. They should complete their learning journey at our school having developed an appreciation for significant authors, a wide range of different types of poetry, non-fiction texts and a huge variety of fiction texts.

We aim for the highest standards in speaking and listening so that on leaving Hunts Cross, our pupils will be confident speakers to a variety of audiences and attentive, critical listeners.

In Reading we hope that our pupils will be able to read for meaning and enjoyment.

In Writing we aim to nurture each child’s creativity so that they have opportunities to express their ideas and convey their thoughts through words.

We strive to enable our pupils to be able to construct pieces of independent writing which reflect appropriate use of genre features, correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.


Every Wednesday lunch time, some of our Key Stage 2 children listen to Key Stage 1 children read. This takes place in Miss Webster’s classroom and all of the children  really enjoy doing this. Our older children help the younger children with any words that they find difficult and they will also ask them questions about the text to secure their understanding. Once the younger children have read, Key Stage 2 children will discuss how they can improve for next time. 

Reading Buddies!

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English Long Term Plan

Library visits!

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At Hunts Cross Primary School, we follow the Letters and Sounds scheme when delivering our Phonics lessons. If you would like to access some additional activities/games to play with your child, please click on the link below.