History Intent Statement

At Hunts Cross Primary School, History is a key driver in creating a holistic and inclusive Foundation Curriculum for children to experience. We aim to take children on a journey of learning whereby there is progressive development of knowledge and skills that are constantly being practiced and refined.

Through careful planning, delivery, and resources we intend to:

  • Provide a wide range of experiences and facts from the past that will encourage curiosity.
  • Expose children to quality texts that will support their historical learning and bring to life the facts and knowledge they acquire.
  • Understand the History of our planet and the amazing periods and civilisations that have graced our world.
  • Give children an appreciation of the people, events and periods that have occurred within our history and the wider world. Discussing how their contributions have helped shape the world we live in now.
  • Provide opportunities for children to reflect, question and debate the past creating their own questions and lines of enquiry.
  • To show respect for historical artefacts and evidence but also use this evidence to support their own ideas.

Implementation of History

History is taught through a topic based curriculum, where eiher a History or Geography curriculum is explicitly taught with some links to other subjects and skills.  This approach provides a relevant, engaging, Knowledge and skills based topics that engage, inspires and challenges all children whilst raising standards in Foundation subjects.

History is taught in blocks throughout the year so that children can achieve depth in their but have a clear understanding of the history skills, Topics and key vocabulary and learning linked to History.

Each topic begins with a Pre-Learning task, to assess previous and independent knowledge and skills before the topic begins. There is then a Topic question which is answered through a series of lessons which provide children with the knowledge and skills to answer a post learning task similar to the pre- Learning task. This shows children’s progress and successes in acquiring new Knowledge and skills.

Our curriculum is designed so that in EYFS children’s History learning is based people and events in living memory. As they move up through Key Stage One children focus on people, events and places within recent History and continue to look at people in living memory.

Moving into Key Stage Two, our curriculum allows children to have a more in-depth study of the wider civilisations and events from British and world History. Children can convey what they already know as well as what they would like to find out.

Outcomes of work are regularly monitored to ensure that they reflect a secure understanding of the key identified skills and knowledge. It will involve cooperative group work, individual work and class teaching. The use of ‘wow’ experiences and educational visits all contribute to the teaching of History.

Within this structure:

  • Groups are usually of mixed ability.
  • Work is differentiated to meet the needs of those in the class.
  • Relevant discussion is encouraged.
  • Groups are encouraged to communicate their findings in a variety of ways.

The emphasis in our teaching of History is on integrated learning, linking the subject with all other areas of the curriculum where possible. Our focus is on topic work which develops a range of study skills allowing children to increasingly take control of their own learning. To achieve this:

  • Information handling skills, including the use of a wide range of source materials are explicitly taught.
  • ICT will be used to develop children’s research skills at all stages of development.
  • Children will learn to read and create timelines and have the skills necessary for interpretation of sources.
  • Careful observation is fostered.

Good quality resources are used to support learning.

Impact in History

Through the high quality teaching of History taking place in our school and a range of monitoring, we will confidently see the impact of History in our school in different ways.

  • Through pupil voice children will be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have acquired and the areas of the subject they enjoy or would like to study .
  • Children will be engaged in History lessons and want to find out more. Children will complete research independently through projects and homework and to further their own enjoyment about the subject or topic.
  • Through book monitoring, Children’s work will show that a range of topics is being covered, cross curricular links are made where possible and differentiated work set as appropriate. It will show children’s progression of knowledge and skills whilst all demonstrating children’s confidence and enthusiasm for their topic and work.
  • The school environment will be history rich through displays, resources, vocabulary we see in classes and around school.
  • As historians, children will learn lessons from History to influence the decisions they make in their lives in the future.
  • Within Assessment. Through pre and post topic skills and knowledge tasks, Children will show their learning their journey and progression made by ALL children throughout the topic they have studied.

History Overview and Policy

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