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Maths Intent Statement- Hunts Cross Primary

Here at Hunts Cross Primary, we embrace the Mastery approach to teaching mathematics. Our teachers will ensure that mathematical skills, as well as the three aims of the National Curriculum, are taught every day following the White Rose Maths Hub Scheme of Work. They also use cross curricular opportunities to develop pupils’ mathematical fluency. Our pupils understand the importance of mathematics, are encouraged to be confident in numeracy and to apply the skills that they learn to a variety of problem solving and reasoning questions. Children are always encouraged to explain how they have reached an answer, find all possibilities to a problem, as well as debate their thinking with others in the class. Activities planned cover a wide range of mathematical knowledge, many with an emphasis on practical work. At the start of each Maths lesson, we complete a ‘Fluent in 5’ task which aims to develop children’s Mathematical fluency and pace. We build on skills and understanding in a step by step and progressive way and have adopted a 5-part model to our teaching which enables all children to be challenged at an appropriate level. Throughout the year we continue to develop place value, the four number operations and the understanding of fractional parts. Our school is part of the NCETM Maths Hub Teaching for Mastery programme and we continue to develop our practice in line with theirs. We understand the importance of Mathematics as children move throughout their academic life as well as life outside of school and aim to provide as many practical, real- life experiences so they too can understand the value of broad Maths curriculum.