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Online Safety Information For Parents/Carers

At Hunts Cross Primary School, we understand the importance of keeping your child safe online.

Here are a few tips and websites to help you and your child understand the message.

Home and Family Guidelines

●Talk together and have fun learning together.

●Involve everyone and agree your family guidelines and rules.

●Remember that sometimes what is acceptable for a Year 6 child is not necessarily acceptable for a Year 3 or Reception child.

●Discuss regularly online safety and go online with your children. Communication is the key to eSafety.

●Keep virus and firewall software up to-date.

●Enable your ‘browser safe’ search option and/or consider using internet filtering software, walled gardens and child-friendly search engines.

●Keep the computer in a communal area of the house, where it's easier to monitor what your children are viewing. Never let children have webcams, or similar, in their bedroom.

●Talk to your children about why they should not give out their personal details. If they want to subscribe to any online service, then make up a family email address to receive the mail.

●We all love to chat and children are no different. Encourage your children to use moderated chat rooms and never to meet up with an online ‘friend’ without first discussing it with you.

●Time children spend offline following a range of other activities is equally important. Time spent online should be monitored to help prevent obsessive use of the internet

●Encourage your children, and in fact all family members, to tell you if they feel uncomfortable, upset, or threatened by anything they see online.

●Have proportionate responses if the family guidelines are not followed.


Websites for you to use with your child to help with the eSafety conversation


Social Media 

Social media is a massive part of our lives now and more and more children are using it to connect with the world. Any form of social media isn’t advisably for children under the age of 13. We aware that many children may feel the pressure to open an account. Following links for advice.  See home learning book for further information.