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Reading follows a book banded approach using books from the following reading scheme  the  ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ This includes: Songbirds, Glow-worms, Snapdragons, Stories, Phonics, Fireflies, Treetops, Poetry. Children are advised to read a few pages every day at home to an adult. 

Children in Reception are expected to take a Phonics book home each week.

Children in Key Stage 1 are expected to take a Phonics book, banded book and a reading for pleasure book home each week. 

Children in Key Stage 2 are expected to take a banded book and reading for pleasure book home each week. If children take a Phonics book home in addition to this, then the class teacher has made this decision in order to benefit the child. 

All English lessons, foundation subjects and Science are taught through a high quality text approach ensuring all children are accessing a wide range of reading materials.

Children are encouraged to read for pleasure throughout the school and listen to their class novel at the end of each day which is read by their class teacher.

Every day, children take part in a shared reading lesson across the school. Here, the children will cover at least two non- fiction texts, one poetry and two fiction texts per half term. During shared reading lessons, children will be exposed to a wide vocabulary. They will also develop a wide range of skills, such as: fluency, answering comprehension questions, gathering tips on how to retrieve information from a text and much more. 


Due to the current situation, Reading Buddies is not taking place. We will let parents know as soon as possible when we have Reading Buddies starting again.

Well done to all of the children who took part in the Readathon. We raised £960! This is the most we have ever raised and we would like to thank all of your friends and families for supporting you with your reading challenge! With this money, brand new books will be given to children's hospitals across the United Kingdom and 20% of the money will go towards books for our school. Again, well done to you all!