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We will be breaking up for half term on Friday and returning to school on Tuesday 7th June.  We hope you all have a lovely break.  This term we have read lots of Traditional Tales, which included:- Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Jack and the Beanstalk. 


We have begun to plant vegetables in our allotment and will be growing lots of delicious things.    Look at our lovely pictures of our visit to Farmer Ted's below.  We had a wonderful time!   This week we were visited by 'Little Foot'  Den Making experts and had an exciting time building our own dens in the wooded area. We  have also been looking at the habitats of many different animals and mini-beasts.


Have a look at our pictures below!



Mrs Spreadbury and Mrs Uriel




Our Topics - A Broad Overview




Throughout the year we will be exploring various Topics, some of these are listed below.  We will be exploring the seasons in detail and of course, following the children's interests as they arrive. 



  • All about me
  • Celebrations



  • Fairy Tales
  • New Beginnings



  • Pirates and Fairies
  • Keeping Healthy




Our Curriculum



Curriculum information for the 2016 Spring term is attached below.








Letters to Parents and Carers - Book Bags, Learning Logs and Reading Record and Learning Tools Log

We are having lots of fun!

Dip, dip, dip!
I has melted!
Look at my firework picture!
I am making a skeleton gingerbread figure.
I can't wait to taste my chocolate apple.
The chocolate is solid.
We are Santa's helpers!
I hope my ginger biscuits are REALLY tasty!
Yum, but I mustn't eat them!
Rain, rain, go away!
Snow, snow, snow! What a lovely mess!
I am adding a Christmas pattern to my gingerbread.
Look at my lovely biscuit!
How can I resist eating my gingerbread!
Lots of lovely presents!
We have made our own Christmas tree!
We need to bash the biscuits for Gruffalo crumble!
Mmmm! Lovely fruit for our Gruffalo crumble.
Our Gruffalo picnic.The Gruffalo cakes were yummy!
We made volcanoes with vinegar and soda.
We measured out tea for the Gruffalo.
We are making a cake for The Gruffalo.
Hmm! Footprints! Who lives in that cave?
More ingredients for the recipe please!
Let's make a house for the Gruffalo.
I am writing to the Gruffalo.
We had fun making our Gruffalo cakes.
This is our Gruffalo house.
We had a Gruffalo tea party.
What did we find in our pond?
A picnic for Goldilocks and the Three Bears
We hope our vegetables grow in our allotment!
Making the pony picture perfect!
Push me higher!
They are so soft to touch
We know how to make her pretty
Our bumpy tractor ride!
Look at him hover!
Look at my knot!
I found a good stick for the den!
We are ready to camp.
Safe from the wind.
Can we sleep here!?
Learning how to make a fire using bark
How to keep safe with fire building
Securing it with our knotting skills!
Using twigs to secure our shelter
Building our own dens!