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Reception Class Curriculum Plans - Summer  2015

Summer is finally here and Reception are enjoying watching our plants growing in the allotment area.  We will soon be able to harvest the crops we have grown in our allotment garden!  We have been growing red onions, potatoes, carrots, radishes and peas and are hoping to use some of these ingredients in our cooking.  This term we are enjoying exploring the garden where we recently had a visit from the King and Queen of the Fairies.  We will also be building our own pirate ships, using lots of different materials.  Which ship will float and which one will sink? 

Our Early Years Curriculum is based around developing skills through following the children's interests.  With this in mind, we have already started planning around the children and the children have been involved in their own learning.
Already, several interests have arisen from the seasonal visit from Santa.  Dinosaurs and 'Frozen' dolls are very popular, which has led to our topic of dungeons, dragons and damsels. 
Our curriculum is ever evolving in response to this and the weekly plans are always available in class for you to view, or you can request a copy.  Below, you will find the Curriculum plan for the first half of our Spring term. 

Gallery  -  Have a look at some of the exciting things we have been doing in Reception!

Our Easter hats.
Easter Parade.
We are being healthy in Science Week.
Science Week. Whose rocket will win?
The millipede is tickling my hand.
Science Week. This corn snake is heavy!
Science week. A giant African snail.
Science week. Time to plant our allotment.
Wow! The chicks have grown. We all held them.
We discovered oil and water do not mix!
We are real Scientists! Does oil and water mix?
The eggs are hatching!
The eggs are going to hatch! Let's make them a bed
What a wonderful time we had at Toby Carvery
Art in the Early Years.
Yum! Look at my pizza!
What wonderful music we are making for the dragon!
What wonderful music we are making for the dragon!
Hmm! Which Chinese food do I like best?
Now can we all have a go at making pancakes?
Master Chef at work! It's pancake day! (202KB)
We make the best vegetable soup in Reception!
Look at the water in our water tray! It is now ice
I think I know where this bit goes Mrs Uriel!
I can identify parts of a dinosaurs body!
Oh! I'm a busy chef!