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Umbrella Project – ADHD Foundation


This term we will be celebrating Neurodiversity within our school community. As part of this we will taking part in the ADHD Foundation - Umbrella Project and have our very own umbrella exhibition.


For additional information about this, please do visit the ADHD Foundation website:;

ADHD Foundation - Umbrella Project

ADHD Foundation - Umbrella Project 1


Afternoon Tea


You are all welcome to attend our afternoon tea celebration on

Friday 7th June from 2.30pm.

We will be showcasing our celebrations of neurodiversity.


ADDvanced solutions will also be attending this session so if you have any concerns or would just like to celebrate your child’s superhero power then do join us!

Below you will find link to useful websites and guides for supporting children with SEND:






PSS – Independent Supporters


ADDvanced Solutions


National Autistic Society


Dyspraxia Foundation


Sensory Integration Network


SEN and Disability Local Offer


Contact a family

Disability Equality Scheme and Accessibility Action Plan 2018 - 19

ADDvanced Solutions coffee morning. Come and join us!

Children's Mental Health Week

SEND Information Report - Hunts Cross Primary School 2017

Our Local and School Offer

Guidance on the use of emergency salbutamol inhalers in school

Disability Equality Scheme and Accessibility Action Plan