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How do we develop the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development?
Spiritual Development
  •  Children are encouraged to reflect about their own beliefs during collective worship.
  • Class collective worship is planned for and based on our values.
  •  The children are taught about World Religions and Christianity is the main religion taught.
  • Children are given opportunities to be creative through drama and arts. We have dedicated weeks throughout the school, for example, Big Arts Week, Science week. Children take part in performances at Christmas, Class assemblies, class celebrations – guitar playing for parents, School Musicals.
  •  Children are given time during lessons and around the school to reflect on their experiences.

Moral Development

  •  At the beginning of each year during PHSE lessons children are asked to formulate their class rules. They are encouraged to think about rules throughout the world, the law, differences between rules, rules at home and rules in school.
  •  The school encourages visitors in from different agencies. The Police regularly visit school and talk about different topics including Cyber safety and rules, Firework safety and code, Anti Bullying messages. Smoke free sports – have worked with children in Y5 and Y6 on staying away from smoking, Railway Network – rules on the railway.
  •  Children are in teams based on Olympians. The children are rewarded with raffle tickets for good behaviour and effort.

Social Development

  • Children are given opportunities to develop their social skills through a range of situations including
  • Sports competitions against other schools
  • PGL – outward bound activity weekend
  •  Enterprise – Enviropool, Y6 Enterprise competitions (School won most creative award 2014)
  •  Choir sang Christmas Carols around Christmas Tree in community and sang for the local business Eli Lilly.
  • Children raised money for Children in Need.
  •  Children from Y1 – Y6 are in the school Council
  •  Three Y 6 children are in School’s Parliament.
Cultural Development
  • Children learn about a range of cultures for example – Christmas around the world Assembly for parents, Kenya day in EYFS, Cultural Assemblies – children given opportunities to taste food from different cultures, food from around the world – School menus (World Cup theme) Brazil week.
  •  Children are given opportunities to attend competitions for a range of Sports – Football, tennis, cricket, water polo, swimming, new age curling, mat ball, cross country, indoor athletics.
  •  Children are involved in a range of art competitions – RSPCA animal art, Morris Homes – Homes of the future, Postage stamp designs, healthy menus.