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Year 4

A great big thank you to Year 4. What a wonderful year we have had.

Mrs Whitlock, Mrs Bowman and Ms Christian are really proud of all the hard work that the children have done. 

New topics this term have  included: Asia in Geography; Plants in Science, Cricket and Tennis in PE. 

Amazingly , some of our children represented our school playing cricket and came 3rd, on a very hot summers day! Well done! 

In addition, Year 4 have been making amazing Pop-up books as part of the Design Technology curriculum using different mechanisms such as levers, raised stands and v-folds.


And last but not least , some of the children have done us very proud  performing in the musical performance 'Lion King'.

As always the children made amazing projects, this terms were about Asia.

We wish you a restful, happy summer holidays!


Below is a link to a video project on the Celts made by one of the children in year 4.

Here are some of our fantastic volcanoes. We have been the talk of the school as our whole class were in the Golden Book and received The Headteacher's award.

We have had lots of fun making ancient Egyptian Death Masks from Paper mache.

Our fabulous Death Masks

Children have had the chance to learn a dance routine based on being in the circus.

The link below, will take you to Emmie's volcano video

Ancient Egyptian projects

More amazing projects, this time about Asia!

In science we have been learning about Rocks and Soils. Children have been investigating how buoyant different types of rocks are.

Investigating Light in Science

In Spring term we learned about 'Light' in Science.

Representing our school playing cricket. Well done Year 4 !

Fun afternoon den making and a picnic! Children made their own sandwiches as part of the Design Technology Curriculum.

Making sandwiches for our picnic!

Our pop-up books! Using levers,raised stands and v-folds.We created our own pop-up version of The Savage. We also made a class pop-up book about Asia.

using base ten to make fractions